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κοντά στην περιοχή Deverton, Queensland (Australia)

The Bicentennial National Trail is a mixed usage trail stretching over 5000km from North Queensland to Victoria. It incorporates a mixture of country roads and trails crossing both public and private land. Section 6 of the trail covers Southern Queensland from Blackbutt to Killarney near the NSW border.
To complete the trail membership of the BNT is required, along with landholder permission in some segments. The BNT sells guidebooks which provide detailed information on access and route.
Rather than completing the section as one long through ride, I divided it into a series of 18-day circuits each containing a segment of BNT with a loop back via back country trails. The length of the circuits range from 32 to 84km. My composite of Section 6 is posted here:
Circuit 9 is my favourite close to home circuit. The BNT segment is great but the return leg via little Egypt is just as good.


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