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κοντά στην περιοχή Otazu, País Vasco (España)

Distance: 17,3 km
Length: 2 h.
From the bike trail network looping the capital of Alava you may hook up a first rate scenic walk for hikers and cyclist: the route of the recovered old railway Basque Navarro between Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Laminoria Tunnel.
The railway Vasco - Navarro, "the Trenico" the "Basque" or "Anglo" was a railway line linking the towns of Bergara and Estella. It was a 143 km narrow gauge that operated from 1889-1967. The line linking Vitoria with Estella ran 69 kilometers.
Through more than 17 kilometers by the Plains you will arrive at the gates of the Alava hills. Flanked by the Montes de Vitoria, the Sierra de Entzia and in the distance the peaks of Amboto, and Sierra de Elgea, Aratz...this tour has great natural wealth included in the Natura 2000 network. The old train stations Otazu, Aberásturi, Andollu, Trocóniz, Erenchun, Gauna and Laminoria mark the inspiration of English Romanticism of the early twentieth century.
-Alternative: this tour also offers an alternative route, a detour of just over 3 miles to visit one of the jewels of Romanesque in Alava and home to her patron virgin, the Shrine of Our Lady of Estíbaliz.
-Additional Information: If you want to retrieve the next stage of the path of Vasco Navarro line at Km 16.6, go to the chapel of Santo Toribio.
We start our trip on a gravel track that starts past Olarambe sports facilities, leaving the city and heading towards Otazu.
If you prefer to join in from the capital of Alava, you do so on the cycle path which runs through the middle of Heraclius Fournier Street. Within a few meters you will reach the out of use Train Station Vasco Navarro . Turn right and you will reach a junction with the A-2130 Rd. Merge carefully and continue along the road. You will pass the Olarambe sports facilities on your right.
Follow the road until you reach a second junction on the right, connected to a gravel track.
You can not miss it. An information panel of Greenways informs your at the starting point.
Information panel of Greenways. Take the left path.
Crossing. Go straight. Pass Otazu on your left and within a few meters you will cross a wooden bridge that dodges the road. In the vicinity you will see one of the old stations recovered for community purposes: the "Casa de Otazu".

Go passed the village of Aberásturi. Follow straight.
Before reaching Andollu you will cross the GR-38. Go straight down the tunnel underneath the A-132 Rd.
After leaving the tunnel, the road forks. Take the track to the right, following the railway line towards Laminoria Basque Navarro.
-Alternative: If you were to follow straight (slightly left), you'd reach the Sanctuary of Estíbaliz.
To your right will locate the village of Trokoniz. Cross the road and continue along the track.
The path splits in two. Ascends on the right. Shortly thereafter, go down th 200m Trokoniz tunnel. Go straight.
Crossing. Continue straight.
New crossing. Keep straight on to Erenchun.
Enter the town of Erenchun. Beware! Cross the road and follow the trail to the left.
After the old station you will find a crossing. Go straight through it.
New crossing. Go straight
Crossing. Go straight, following the signs for the GR-25 to Adana.
Keep straight on along the trail, marked with red and white bars: GR-25.
Fork. Continue along the trail.
Go straight.
Rotalde station. Go straight.
Keep going straigh, leaving the GR-25 that runs on the left.
Crossing. On the left you will find an information panel and two signs indicating the way to the mountain pass of Guereñu (2 kilometers) and to the chapel of Santo Toribio (8 kilometers).
Continue straight along the road on the right.
-Alternative: If you follow towards Santo Toribio, you will join the next part of the Basque Navarro.
End of tour. Our route ends at the entrance to the dead end of Laminoria.


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