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κοντά στην περιοχή Busselton, Western Australia (Australia)

The Margaret River region is located in Western Australia in the deep south west, on the Indian Ocean coast and between those two important cape: Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste. In between, this is one of the most famous touristic areas in the country. The region is well known by the tourists for fine wines, world classed surf spots, beautiful natural landscapes and it's hikes through the wild Australia. Drive and discover the Western Australian beauty trough this wonderful road.
To enjoy this full day trip, you will just need your car and your camera to keep nice memories of your wine & nature discovery route in the Margaret River region.
Families, friends, couples, this itinerary is open to everyone who wants to learn more about the most attractive region of Western Australia.

Cape Naturaliste

Cape Naturaliste is the most north point of this beautiful region named Margaret River. This is also the beginning of one of the longest hike in Australia: the Cape to Cape trail. For the well trained people, you can start here an amazing 10 days hike in the forest, on the beach and all along the coast. For the others you can still enjoy a panoramic view on the ocean and visit this lighthouse before driving to Sugar Loaf Rock, the next step of the tour.

Sugarloaf Rock

This is a spectacular lookout on the ocean and the nature that we can appreciate in Western Australia. If you are visiting the region between May and September you may have the chance to see some whales swimming north.

Busselton Jetty

Busselton is the second biggest city in Western Australia after Perth. The jetty is actually the longest pier in the world, 2km long out the sea. You can come and enjoy this great view on the Indian Ocean thanks to a small and cute red train.

Ngilgi Cave

One of the unknown resource of the area is its several natural speleology caves. Ngilgi is one of the most impressive one shaped by huge stalactites. Those caves have been discovered in 1850 and are now open to the visitors since 1904.

Indjidup Natural Spa

Another great gift from Mother Nature in the area, these natural hot pools accessible for free with still a breath taking view on the huge Indian Ocean.

Gabriel Chocolate Factory

Let’s start to taste one of the good things that the region has to offer: sweets and fine chocolate. This chocolate factory was the first bean to bar chocolate maker in Western Australia.

Black Brewing & Co.

The Black Brewing & Co is a brewery, a restaurant and a nice place to have a walk and relax in this garden with its lake. You can have a beer tasting there before chilling in the green area that they made. In the area, because of the dry climate, a lot of wineries or brewery made their own lake to water their fields. This makes a beautiful combination between the agriculture needs and pretty gardens for the tourists.

Vasse Felix Restaurant & Winery

The lunchtime has come and luckily your are close to a famous gastronomic restaurant. Basically a vineyard and a winery, the owner opened a restaurant to let the people coming from around the world to enjoy a fine and delicious meal and a large wine offer with a great view on the vineyard.

Gracetown, North Point

Margaret River is well known for its nature: between forest and ocean you have the choice of the activities. Gracetown is a small town by the beach with 3 famous surf spots. The first one that you can appreciate when you arrive is named North Point. Only the most courageous and well-trained surfers paddle out to catch some big waves. You can sit on the beach and enjoy the show offered by the surfers.

Margaret River Gallery

The Margaret river Gallery is a light space showing fine and contemporary arts from local and national artists. Mostly temporary exhibitions, you will also find nice permanent showcases of hand made glass jewels.

Cape Mentelle Vineyards

Established here in 1970, this winery has developed its world-class wine and sell them now all around the world. It was one of the first vineyard in the region and it is now open to the wine lovers tourists from everywhere around the world. The Cellar door and its welcoming staff will explain you the story of the winery and offer you a free tasting from a large choice of red and white wines. This is open everyday of the week from 10:00 to 4:30.

Surfers Point

One of the most famous surf spot in Australia and in the world. In March you can enjoy the show of the best surfers in the world competing for the World Surf Champion Title. All along the year you can admire those big waves forming off the shore surfed by some brave locals.

Red Gate Beach

A dream beach with white sand, big red rocks appearing out of the water and the wild landscapes. Here is a start of a part of the Cape to Cape hike, starting on the beach and keep walking on a red sand path where you may have the chance to see the wildlife like those blue tongue lezards.

Bonarup Forest

One more turn on this nice forest road and the landscapes has change in an unexpected way. The vegetation that you were used to see along this road changes for a few hundred meters. Huge Karri trees and a sunlight that goes through those 60 meters high giant, it gives to this forest its magical aspect. Stop there and take the little path trough the forest to enjoy it a bit longer.

Sand Dune and the fairytale swamp

On one side of the road, a huge sand dune, which is actually a former mine. On the other side, a fairytale swamp full of white flowers. Have a look at the picture and you will want to see it for real.

Hamelin Bay

The last beach of our tour, well known in the area as a fishing spot. Also known by the tourists as the place where you can see big ray coming close to the shore. Not really shy those strange fish will come to check if you have some food to offer. You can touch them easily if you just be careful with their tail, a sting could be painful.
Building of interest

Cape Leeuwin

This is where our tour ends, Cape Leeuwin and its lighthouse. This Cape is the most south west point of Australia and the lighthouse is the highest of country. Once again, if you are here around the winter you will have the chance to see some whales migrating to the north. And all along the year you can enjoy the sunset, the last light of the day in Australia.


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